Thursday, July 31, 2014

   Glazier Market Flowers and Cakes
I'm so excited to say I'm done training and am working as an assistant to Joan in our Floral and Cake Department! It is so much fun and works out for me to work early mornings so I can be home with my kids all day! I love it! I still have a lot of things to learn still and will get better in time, But I love being able to feel like I'm still doing something that I've always wanted to learn:) Time just flies by when I'm working because I love what I'm doing! Kade is getting his classroom ready for the school year to start and there will be pictures soon to come also!

                                                                                                                    German Chocolate Cake
Red Velvet Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting: I'm really trying to get good at making my roses out of buttercream frosting, Hopefully I'm getting closer:)



        4th Of July CakeBoston Cream Cakes: Custard, Chunks of Strawberry's in Strawberry Glaze w/ Whip Cream( My Favorite Cake to make so far)Flowers:)
Carrot Cake: This and the German Chocolate I would have to say is the most popular:

 Kade tackling Craig Brinkeroff, This boy hit like 3 homeruns in every game. They were hoping to make it so he didn't have a chance against us. 

 Kanab Crew: Shawn, CJ, Danny, Kade, Tyler, Andy, Brandon, Tyson
These guys would have been fun to see while they were growing up:)
 Andy and Kenzie's Little girls birthday was the day of the tourney! We got all the kids and friends together and celebrated! I think this needs to be a yearly tradition:)
 More 4th of July!

 Gramps and Granny's is the place to be on the 4th. Check out all the fireworks!
 Trajen, Tavin, Emmitt, Tenny, and Aspen
 Fresh watermelon and fireworks creates a night to remember...

 Backyard fun at our little basement apartment right now:)

 Fresh veggies from the garden
 Aspen biting her tongue for the first time. She only just about took the whole tip off!!! There was blood everywhere, I literally thought she had been shot. Until I saw most of the blood coming from her mouth. Amazing amount of blood can come from your tongue! 
 Emmitt riding his bike without training wheels for the first time!!! Way to go!!!

Seright Family Reunion 2014
Kade and I were in charge, I made shirts and a cake for the occasion. We had it at the cabin:) More pictures to come when I get them! It was so much fun!

 Lizards in the backyard... and yes we have seen bigger than this. Emmitt calls them baby iguanas:)

 Emmitt at his first swim lessons... So proud of you for being able to hold your breathe underwater
 My baby girl is getting so big and she IS a big girl now! Potty trained, Yahoo!
Ethan's trip to Kanab!!!! We were so excited to have Emmitts cousin Ethan over to stay a few nights! We miss these guys so much! 


Welcome to Kanab Creek!!!!  It was nice to just spend a day and enjoy where we live! We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. 

Love this Man so MUCH!

Kanab Swimming Pool

4th of JULY Granny's Homemade Rootbeer

Dad filling them up
Emmitt and Aspen topping the coke bottles off.
Daily visit to Daddy's work

Emmitt: DAD...Your like Kristoff in Frozen DAD, You make Ice and sale it dad! Your the Ice Man right DAD? Your one of the men in the beginning of the movie cutting ice? Dad is strong huh mom:)
Mom: Yep, He is pretty much best super strong Ice Man ever!

My kids new favorite snacks had to be documented. I never thought these would be one of there favorite snacks of all things:) Aspen and her pickle and shredded cheese. 
Emmitt and his mini bucket of raisins. 
Backyard Fun in Gramps and Granny's Yard
Love that Aspen is getting Emmitt and Emmitt is getting dad!
Little girl with big hose Watch out!
Thunder storms and wind! I had to take the kids out and watch under the deck. We cuddled up and listened to the rain! My Favorite:)
My little Aspie has the most beautiful eyes:)
Funny Girl
Happy Fourth of JULY!!!! God Bless America

K-town Parade
popsicles, candy and firetrucks!