Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!!!!
At the sound of the tolling midnight bell

a brand new year will begin.
Let’s raise our hopes in a confidant toast,
to the promise it ushers in.

May your battles be few, your pleasure many,
your wishes and dreams fulfilled.
May your confidence stand in the face of loss
and give you the strength to rebuild.

May peace of heart fill all your days
may serenity grace your soul.
May tranquil moments bless your life
and keep your spirit whole.

Emmitt and Kade celebrating a brand New Year! I love how much alike they are:)
I think both of them missed the great show!
Doing a puzzle for the New Year and yes they finished it!
Emmitt loved the confetti!
He couldn't get enough of it!

Happy New Years everyone! I hope you make your resolutions for the year and make them come true!!!!

A Very Merry Christmas 2011!!!
So these are all out of order because of blogger but oh well:) Christmas was a little crazy this year we had a lot of things happen and it made Christmas feel just a little rushed. For a quick summary of our Christmas this is how it went: Moved into a new apartment!, Attended our Grandma Jeans funeral, Drove to Coalville for Christmas a couple days after the funeral, Planned the Seright Christmas Party, Drove back to Cedar City day after Christmas, Left to Kanab the next morning and had another Christmas:) Overall though, we did have a Very Merry Christmas.

When we came from Coalville for Christmas little did Emmitt know he was going to get two Christmas's! Granny G. got Trajen, Tavin, and Emmitt brand new Cars to drive!!! Seriously to this day I can't get Emmitt off of the thing. He absolutely loved driving around with his bigger cousin Trajen in his awesome Jeep!

Emmitt's First experience in his lightning McQueen car. At first he was not so much a good driver, he would just push the button and run into things. Now he is amazing! He steers where he wants to go and will even ride up on the sidewalk without going off the edge at home!

Grandma Jean also got him a Dinosaur Pillow Pet! He sleeps with it every night, they are extremely soft and He is obsessed with Dinosaurs now!
Alright More Presents!!!!!
This is Christmas Morning at the Seright House! All the kids were so excited that Santa had come, they were showing each other their toys and ended up playing all day with them!
Kade got a special Green Bay Packer Clock and nice Drill for Christmas and I got a gorgeous Christ picture to put up in our apartment! I will have to take a picture and post it!
Emmitt got Dinosaurs and Trucks, and Clothes! He loves Dinosaurs so much we got him a Land before Time show!

Now Christmas morning went a little unexpected for me... I kept feeling a hand hit my face and words mumbling mum.. mum..... mummm.... mummmm!!!! Finally I open my eyes and Emmitts Cheesy grin and big sparkling eyes were an inch away from my face. He pointed towards the door and said, " Toys?" I couldn't believe it I elbowed Kade asking him what time it was and he grabbed his phone only to find out it was 5:00Am! What in the world child you are only two and how could you possibly know what really is going on! ( Kade later on told me he had told Emmitt the whole time he was getting him ready for bed that Santa was coming and there were going to be lots and lots of toys so he needed to get to sleep to see them when he woke up) So we headed out to the tree and low and behold he found his toys at 5 in the morning, we then went back to the room with his new dinosaur movie, put it in, then kade and I slept the rest of the time while the little man watched his show and played with his new dinosaur.
Found his dinosaur!
Kade and I were in charge of the Seright Family Christmas Party this year and It turned out a big hit!!!! We had food, treat bags, booths with prizes for the kids to win, a christmas pinyata to celebrate a different cultural tradition, and Santa came!We got Individual family photos with this homemade back drop we came up with!
Jessie and Joseph
Grandpa Douglas and Grandma Seright
I love this picture of Grandpa Cecil watching the kids while they are waiting their turn for Santa. He is always happy and wanting to make it to everything for his grandkids!
Emmitt and Santa!

The Candy burst everywhere and there were little bags of marshmallows that burst. Those were the only things Emmitt went after real fast stuffing as many as he could in his mouth!
The kids loved it!
Emmitts turn!
Emmitt has an obsession for his older girl cousins! He follows them everywhere and they adore him! I think he will be a good big brother to his soon to come sister.
Throwing the bean bag through the Snowmans mouth!
Headed to the Fishing Pond for another toy!
Here are all of my Moms grandkids! What a cute bunch!
Oh yes a party with lots of food!!!
All the family enjoying the food and eachother....while the kids enjoyed the slide and toys in the gym!

Before we left to Coalville for Christmas Granny Glazier got Emmitt the cutest tickle monster book and I think I am more obsessed with it then Emmitt! Ha ha
Thank you Granny!
We also let Emmitt open up his Christmas gift from Kade and I at home before we left for Christmas. He got a nice Kitchen and loves it, He will grab two plates and bring us food through out the day for Kade and I.
He was so excited about it!

Thanksgiving 2011
Thanksgiving was at the Glazier house this year and as always it turned out wonderful with great food! This time of year Kade loves as a tradition to go and look for deer so we headed and saw some nice bucks!
When I said earlier that Christmas felt rushed I meant it just felt different this year. Grandma Jean past away just a little before the holidays. She did have Alzhiemers , but it really took me by suprise only because she was in such good health. She would be on her hands and knees crawling with the grand kids every minute she could get. She acted just like a kid herself with them it didn't matter if she was 80.
It was great to get to take Emmitt up every other day during the last summer she had. Emmitt loved Grandma Jean! We have a picture of Grandma Jean kissing Emmitt on the cheek tucked in the car by the speedometer. While we have been driving alot in the car lately traveling, one trip he just started to scream and point. We didn't know what he wanted and couldn't figure it out. After about 10 min of screaming and pointing Kade finally grabbed the picture from the dash and gave it to Emmitt. He smiled and went quiet then kissed the picture. I couldn't believe all he had wanted was the picture, he held on to it until we got home. Well Grandma Jean is surely being missed.
Grandma Jean and Dane enjoying Thanksgiving:)
Thanksgiving dinner with Gramps and Granny hard at work, it paid off because it was delicious.
I had to take a picture of how she set up the dishes they are super gorgeous plates and cute utensil holders.
Looks real nice Granny!
While we were in Kanab for the week Emmitt decided that his two favorite cats Piper and Bongo were getting in too many fights, so he figured they would stop if he hosed them down.

Fall 2011
We made it to Granny Glaziers early enough to see the leaves fall and change this year! I don't think I have seen so many leaves in my life. Every where I have lived the leaves fall one day and the next day there is snow... time to play or rake leaves you know. Having a chance to play in all of the leaves was pretty spectacular to me!
Look how huge the pile is!
Emmitt is doing a real good job raking.
And Kade was doing a real good job grabbing him and jumping in!
Gramps showering Emmitt with leaves so he had more to jump in! Go Emmitt check out those muscles holding up the rake!
Trying to help Gramps get more leafs off the tree.
Bongo break time! You couldn't have asked for a better Fall afternoon jumping in leaves!