Thursday, January 21, 2010


  • Emmitt went to his first movie with us last night! He is such a good baby I only had to go out once to feed him and the rest of the time he was asleep. We went to the Blindside, I recommend it is a great show! We love Movies!
  • Emmitt all bundled up and ready to see the show!

Story for the Day

  • Emmitt and I woke up early like usual and Kade would be getting up pretty soon to get ready for school so I quickly brought Emmitt's swing into the kitchen put him in it and started cooking some breakfeast. After a little while had passed and I was almost finished andI turned around to check on the little guy, he was no longer in his swing. Before I knew it I listened and the shower was on. I ran into the bedroom and to my suprise this is what I found...


So far this is one of my favorite moments I caught on camera:)

Random Photos


  • Kade got him to sit up on the couch, of coarse the only way to keep him sitting up was to wedge him into the couch cushions:)
  • Emmitt and Cousin Ethan taking a bath together. He is a month older than Emmitt. They are going to be great buddies growing up!

Emmitts Baby Blessing

  • December 27th not only is my birthday but it happened to be the day we decided to bless Emmitt! It was the best birthday gift ever. We blessed him at Kades home ward in Kanab. After we had a great luncheon at the house in Kanab. It turned out wonderful thanks to everyone especially Mom G. letting us have it there.
  • oh my heck I love this little chunk;) Kades blessing was wonderful, I really am so happy I married a man with the priesthood. Emmitt is happy too
  • Joseph my bro is getting a feel for the little guy
  • Granny is showing off his tux for us! Thank you Granny!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Daddy's Boy

1 month old

Moms Gift From God
10 lbs. 7 oz.