Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas was simply WONDERFUL!!!! The Brown family came over to see Santa come! Emmitt was so good with him I couldn't believe it! He gave us all something very useful, Chili gift cards, and Mitt a Monkey driving a car! I can't wait to use them. Then we had a great dinner with Turkey and potatoes and lots of salads! Thanks Granny! Later Christmas Eve we got together with the other Glaziers here in Kanab and spent a night full of fun! They had rented out the Theater and had Wii game tournaments downstairs! We played some dance games on the Wii, then upstairs they had the Chronicles of Narnia playing! It was tonz of fun and nice to see family we hadn't seen for a while. After that we headed back home and was able to watch the Christ's Birth before the night was through! Christmas Morning came and Emmitt was so funny! When he first saw his presents he just stood there for 30 sec. or more with his mouth open going Wooooowww, wooooowww. I kept thinking ok is he going to go play with them now ha ha he is getting such a personality.... We had a great Christmas! Kade got some clothes, boots, a safe for his pistol, shoes and duffel bag, and a nice Carhart coat! I got clothes, shoes, boots, a caaauuute carrier bag as seen in the pictures. A beautiful necklace and earings from Kade, and a cricut from Granny! I am so excited to do so many cute crafts with it and get things done with Mitts scrapbook! What a great Christmas! Thanks for everything and most important of all for being able to experience it with family! We are so blessed and sometimes I forget how much so! This is such a wonderful season to enjoy family and friends and help lift each others burdens. I am so grateful to have the knowledge of the gospel in celebrating Christs birth! Merry Christmas to all from the Glaziers

Above in the picture you can't tell but there is a reindeer stocking when pushed its antlers move and it sings! Lets just say he loves it and all of us couldn't get enough of his dancing around every time we turned it on for him.
Soooo many presents He doesn't know what to do!
Sitting all cozy by the Granny G's Christmas Tree

I am so thankful this season for such a happy boy! How can you not get into the christmas spirit with this guy around.
This snowman did sing and dance also until Emmitt pushed him so much that all the snowman has left now is to bob up and down. sorry no more music, bad Emmitt.
Christmas Eve with Santa

Trajen, Emmitt, Tavin, and Santa

As I said above Emmitt spent the first part of christmas morning just standing there looking at all his toys going wow and whoa and pointing at them. Kade finally went over to him and pulled him to his toys. Mitt could not believe all the toys he got from santa. He got a drum with other musical instruments inside of it, a piano from granny, a huge toy set from granny, a chair with cars on it, lots and lots of cars, a dumptruck, and a whole bunch of other toys, with a few outfits mixed in with it. For christmas morning breakfast, granny and gramps made the most yummy cinnamon rolls we have ever had. I think Kade ate twenty of them. They also made this ommish casserole that was fantastic.

Emmitt ripping into his presents, he could not contain himself. One after another. He would open one of his and then the next one closest to him, it did not matter who it was for. He could not quite laughing. This was by far his greatest day yet of his life. Laughing and Playing all day long.

Kades new under armour shoes that granny and gramps gave to him.

My new purse that granny and gramps gave me.
After all the presents were opened all the wrapping paper and boxes were put in the middle and of course my two boys had to jump in and enjoy it all. Below is Uncle Dane helping Mitt out of the mess. This was by far the greatest day so far with little Emmitt.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sugar Cookies...
During our stay at Granny G. she decided she had better make some sugar cookies for Christmas Day! Well it didn't take long for Emmitt to help her out...He even got out the rolling pin all ready for her to start. He has his gingerbread man Apron on and couldn't be happier.

Seright Christmas Party 2010
Early Dec. We traveled to Magna where Clint and Coralie live to celebrate our Family Christmas Party! It turned out wonderful and we were able to help Bonnie and Benton move into there new place in Tooele which is close by! After everyone had helped unload the boxes we came back to Clints and Had a great Dinner with everyone. Then we had all the kids act out the Manger Skit. so we didn't forget what Christmas is all about. Emmitt was a sheep, he was too busy running around to be baby jesus:) ha ha After we watched the Cartoon movie of Christs Birth, Santa came! (Somebody real close to my heart) wink wink;) He did a great job! It couldn't have been a better ending to the spiritual evening.
I don't think Emmitt is sure what to think of this!

He was real happy to get his toy from Santa though! He didn't even scream, he just pulled his not so sure face at him and decided he would get his toy and get out of there quick!
Way to go Santa, You can even make Grandpa Cecil Laugh! I love this picture
Thank You Santa
Thanksgiving 2010
We were able to make it to both of our families Thanksgivings This year! It was so Great! These first pictures are of Our Thanksgiving in Coalville! Then later on are pictures in Kanab! Thanks everyone for making it so great and Memorable.

Here is your Great Grandpa Cecil Douglas Emmitt!
And here is your Great Grandma Jean Glazier! You loved playing with her and Tavin during Thankgiving!
Kade, Emmitt, Gram Jean, Dane and Granny all looking at a photo album of when Gram J. was young

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am so THANKFULL for....
*A family who loves me.
* A husband who takes care of me
* A healthy baby boy
* A roof over my head
* Cars to drive
* Food to eat
* A warm shower
* Free agency
* Ears to hear beautiful music
* Eyes to see christmas lights
*Times of laughing so hard your stomach hurts
*Seeing old friends after years
*Sipping on candy cane hot chocolate
*Witnessing a miracle and sharing

Friday, November 5, 2010

1 year old pictures 2010
Yes, Emmitt is already a year old and is such a one of kind baby boy! He loves to run around everywhere as fast as he can go until something stops his path and he soon falls flat on his face. However it doesn't stop him, he just gets right back up and is on to his next adventure. I seriously don't know how this little boy doesn't have more bruises.
-He loves to giggle and play all day everyday
-He likes to show off his tricks to anyone new that drops by( He gets down in stink bug position, then puts his head to the ground and lifts his arms up)
-He loves to eat all sorts of fruit, pizza, and crackers ( but mom has to hide the veggies in the pizza sauce)
- He SLEEPS ( at night all the way through finally)!!!:)
- He hates being held, He is a free runner!
- He loves books
-He will play peek-a-boo behind our curtains forever with you if he could
- He loves it when dad comes home and has to show him everything around the house by pointing and then he shows off for dad as much as possible
- He climbs up on his lightning McQueen car will balance with no hands and then try to balance with just one leg( again one of his tricks however that mom does not like! )
- He has all 4 teeth on top and bottom
- He wears a size 3.5 -4 shoe

-His laugh is most contagious
- As is his smile

-If he finds something new you'll soon hear him " 000000OOOOO" .

-He is a miraculous perfect gift from Our Father In Heaven
-He loves to be chased
- He is the most adorable boy I think I have ever seen!
I love you so much my Emmitt Boy! I don't think you will ever know!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

HaLLoWEen 2010

Emmitt was a sea turtle and his cousins Traj, and Tav. were the incredibles. Halloween turned out real good for Mitt! As you can tell everyone loves you and your outfit! We went to the trunk r treat at the ward house for the kids and Mom and Dad G. were providing some treats also for it so we couldn't miss it! Kade dressed up with dad and scared all the kids away from there trunk! ha ha Emmitt was just so excited to see kids everywhere he just wanted to not be held and take off! After the trunk r treat we headed to Grandma Jeans and Mitt loves all of her fun stuff inside too! There is always something he has his eye after. Later that evening we helped pass out candy to all of the kids coming by! What a great Halloween day and night.Grandma Jean
Mitt and Dad
The happy and not so slow sea turtle trying to take off before he even got any candy! He just wanted to head to the next trunk as fast as he could.
The Silent Hidden Hunter( Gramps G.) and the Screaming Hunter( Kade)
Emmitt, Tavin, and Trajen enjoying their bags full of goodies from Granny
What would we do without her?
Our Family

Mikkel threw a halloween party for Traj and we were invited! Emmitt loves there slide in back, get this though Granny would say Ready.. Set... GO then have him go down. Now every time we go down a slide you here Emmitt mumble mmmmeaadddy , eeeeet, OOOOOO! It is so crazy I can't believe he picked up on it so quick! Happy Halloween everyone!