Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well this blog is done by me, Kade. I figured since it was my first fathers day, I would give a report on how it all went. We went up to my cabin to spend it with my family. We had a fine meal which consisted of steak and potatoes. It was a great time for all and great to see two of my bro's, my grandma, and my mom and dad. It was beautiful weather. I could not have asked for more.

Panguitch Lake, the most pretty lake on the face of the earth.
If you look clear across the lake and see those buildings, my cabin is one of them.
Turns out fathers day is like having a second birthday. It was great. I made out with a good haul for sure. I have been wanting some tools to work with and new fishing gear and that is exactly what I got. My wife gave me a really nice fishing pole with a bunch of equipment to go with it. I have the best wife in the world. My parents gave me all the tools, they are so nice and will come in handy for sure. My mommy gave us the money too. Great day for me and Ang.

Granny with Emmitt! and below Uncle Dane, Grandma Jean, Granny, and Uncle Tason with Emmitt!
I am so happy to be a father and to have Emmitt with me in my life. He just makes every day better. I tell Angie all the time, no matter what kind of day I am having, when I see Emmitt my day is so much better then. I love him so much. He is the best son I could of ever imagined to have. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for letting me be Emmitt's Father. IT IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Emmitt has a new toy and he loves it!!! Its his Frogger Floaty! We ran a hose from the washer hookup to get warmer water for the kids to swim in so really they were in there own little hot tub. ha ha. Emmitt just layed back and enjoyed himself this afternoon.He finally started figuring out he could move himself around in it. The little pool he is in made that possible. He would kick is feet off the bottom and push himself around in it.

Of coarse Will had to try it too! He was too tall though. He kept trying to stand up and would head dive first straight into the water. When the pond gets warmer they will love this.
Emmitt and Andelynn are inseparable, when she saw how much fun Emmitt was having she goes, " I want a turn". She ended up getting really mad because she was told she was too big to get in it. " I'm not" she would say over and over again, then go off and pout. She is a cutie. She makes Emmitt laugh so hard. He loves her to death!
William Bonnie's little boy is getting so big! He is already being such a great older cousin for Emmitt. He tries to teach him everything he knows how to do already.
It was a scorching hot day out and Emmitt was not liking it at all....
So Dad decided to take him on an adventure to the pond. I ended up letting him dangle his feet in the water while we watched Dad jump in with Josh and Mitch for a light swim.
Here (as you can tell) Kade is the ring leader of Josh and Mitch. These two 16 yr. old boys are sadly under Kades watchful eye while we are out here working on the ranch. I don't think they mind if you know what I mean. They seem to be having a great time. I think Kade believes he is still 16 when he is around these boys!
Josh and Kade
They ended up tipping over the canoe and slowly tried to get back in. From this picture it looks like they almost had it but in the END.....
They never did. Even though they were unable to get back into the canoe they still had a great time.
So Granny G. bought Emmitt this really cute 9 month outfit for the summer. Well I thought it was pretty funny when the shirt and the shorts fit him just right but his hat as you can tell is extremely tight!!!! the brim is completely flattened to his forehead! He didn't get his fathers head at all did he ;)
Here he is playing Patty cake!
I can never get enough of his perfect smile. I love it!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Big benefit of being at the ranch is seeing this right before we go to bed at night. Can I say, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

8 months old!!!!

Emmitt turned 8 months old yesterday and is learning so quickly. He laughs all the time, loves to grab at food on my plate and eat it. Is rolling and pulling himself up on things. Slowly wanting to crawl, scoots instead in a circle on his behind. He says " Ma Ma, Da Da, and Bu bba" He loves to give kisses to anyone he can get a hold of. He throws his head back and screams when he is mad, and shakes his head NO NO NO. He has four teeth, and the fifth has been literally a living hell for him. Kade told me to say that. He has had it ruff the past little while with his teeth but is still smiling constantly! I can never get enough of this little man.FUN DAYS AT THE RANCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Playing in the grass on a nice summer day.
Granny G. bought him a huge tubaware that is used for Emmitts bathtub. He loves it so much. He just splashes and splashes, by the end of bath time I am covered with water and it is as if I got in bath myself.

Emmitt loves to play patty cake with me, He claps all the time trying to get me to sing the song.
The beginning stages of crawling, he moves very little but is starting to like it more and more each day.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Emmitt with Kades parents cat, Bongo. Emmitt loves to see Bongo and just stares at him whenever he comes around. We have to be careful though because the cat tries to bite Emmitts fingers, but he just thinks that it is funny.
Come on kitty do something funny.
All day Kade has been telling Emmitt that we were going to go swimming in Kanab. Every time he did Emmitt would smile and start to laugh. Granny gave him this really cute swim outfit, to bad his stomach is to big for it already as you will see it folds up. This is a pre swim picture.
Not to sure what to think when we got to the pool, at first he was really nervous because of all the other kids and the loud noise.
Once we hit the pool the fun began, Emmitt was all smiles and giggles the rest of the way. He had more fun we think watching the other kids splash and have fun than actually him doing anything.

Probably the best picture taken all day, his face is priceless and so cute.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Up north for the Weekend

We went up north this last weekend for my little sisters graduation. We were able to go to temple square and Emmitt loved it. Here we are on top of the Conference center and it is seriously spectacular. I will post some more pictures on my next posts of the temple grounds.
It was such a beautiful day I couldn't believe it.
George and Emmitt are sporting the Super hero outfits If you can't tell. ha ha
I could not keep all of our girl cousins away from emmitt, They love him and he absolutely loves all of the attention.
I knew we were missing two girls from the picture above and then I found them. We finally wore them out.
Jessie and the boys graduation night. Ha she looks very overwhelmed.
Heres my family, It was so much fun Jess and we wish you goodluck in college you will be loving it!
The look of accomplishment and finally ready to move on to the bigger picture. We love you Jess!