Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Emmitt with Kades parents cat, Bongo. Emmitt loves to see Bongo and just stares at him whenever he comes around. We have to be careful though because the cat tries to bite Emmitts fingers, but he just thinks that it is funny.
Come on kitty do something funny.
All day Kade has been telling Emmitt that we were going to go swimming in Kanab. Every time he did Emmitt would smile and start to laugh. Granny gave him this really cute swim outfit, to bad his stomach is to big for it already as you will see it folds up. This is a pre swim picture.
Not to sure what to think when we got to the pool, at first he was really nervous because of all the other kids and the loud noise.
Once we hit the pool the fun began, Emmitt was all smiles and giggles the rest of the way. He had more fun we think watching the other kids splash and have fun than actually him doing anything.

Probably the best picture taken all day, his face is priceless and so cute.

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  1. He is so freaking cute!!!!! i miss does ethan...ethan is even more serious without him around! ha ha good job posting! it makes me feel closer! check your phone messages by the way and did you cut your hair again? cute!