Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well this blog is done by me, Kade. I figured since it was my first fathers day, I would give a report on how it all went. We went up to my cabin to spend it with my family. We had a fine meal which consisted of steak and potatoes. It was a great time for all and great to see two of my bro's, my grandma, and my mom and dad. It was beautiful weather. I could not have asked for more.

Panguitch Lake, the most pretty lake on the face of the earth.
If you look clear across the lake and see those buildings, my cabin is one of them.
Turns out fathers day is like having a second birthday. It was great. I made out with a good haul for sure. I have been wanting some tools to work with and new fishing gear and that is exactly what I got. My wife gave me a really nice fishing pole with a bunch of equipment to go with it. I have the best wife in the world. My parents gave me all the tools, they are so nice and will come in handy for sure. My mommy gave us the money too. Great day for me and Ang.

Granny with Emmitt! and below Uncle Dane, Grandma Jean, Granny, and Uncle Tason with Emmitt!
I am so happy to be a father and to have Emmitt with me in my life. He just makes every day better. I tell Angie all the time, no matter what kind of day I am having, when I see Emmitt my day is so much better then. I love him so much. He is the best son I could of ever imagined to have. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for letting me be Emmitt's Father. IT IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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