Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Fish are Here!!!!

Kade has been waiting very patiently for the fish guy to come and he finally came! It was way fun to get to see how stocking the pond full of fish actually worked. There is about 500 lbs. of Rainbow Trout now in the two ponds!
The fish come from the tank through the blue tube and into the pond.
Here they are in the tank
And here is the guy rollin on in everyone was pretty excited. It was quite the deal;)
Here he is letting the fish into the upper pond we put about 150lbs. there and 350lbs. in the lower pond! It was very fun!
Yay!!!! He is starting to be happy instead of a mr. grumpy gills.
I had to post this picture of Emmitt SLEEPING!!!! Since He has been sick he rarely would sleep. however now he is starting to feel better as you can see in the picture above and the video.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It is still the month of May and yes I forgot to blog about Mothers Day! It was so great, Kade gave me beautiful flowers! I love being a Mother haha! I wrote this poem for the occasion and also for both of my Mothers. I figured it would be cute to post and remember so ......Here it is. Enjoy

This Day is Perfect This Day is Great

This Day is the Day of all Mothers Day.

The things they do is out of Care

For everyone their Love they Share

It is a Calling to be a Mother

You’re Strong You’re Beautiful

You’re Cherished by Others

Now a Mother I came to Be

It is the most Sacred Gift God gave me

I will walk Tall and Love what I do

For that is all God asks me to Do

So when this Day comes Every Year

We thank our mothers for them Being Here

This Day is Perfect This Day is Great

Because we can remember the Calling we Mothers Take

Emmitt is getting so big in the last two weeks he has now started to say Ma Ma for his first words!!!! It was so exciting now whenever he wants anything he says Ma Ma. He is starting to get the Dadda ,but right now it sounds like blaaaahh da it is super funny. Sadly Emmitt hasn't been feeling very good the last week. We went in yesterday and he has an ear infection in his right ear. Fisrt ear infection and I'm wanting it to be the last. He won't sleep, he gets a really high fever, He throws up from the high fever. Man it is terrible, one of the sickest times he has ever been. It is scary stuff and tiring stuff. I will have to blog a picture of him sleeping if he ever does, because that would be AMAZING!.

Monday, May 17, 2010

It was such a gorgeous day I went around with emmitt and had to enjoy being outside! He loved it. These are some pics of the ranch and it is beautiful.Emmitt and his friend Roxy Dog. Roxy loves Emmitt

Saturday, May 15, 2010

So here is our humble abode. Now you can see why I called it our Red Neck Summer. :) However the outside can trick you it is really nice inside and I am so happy we were able to borrow it from Aunt Marsha! She is a sweetheart. Kade wood chipped the way to our hut so that we wouldn't get to dirty on the way over. Thank you Honey you are the best. Also we have some nice solar lights lighting the path nicely at night. I'm telling ya, we are living the high red neck life right now.
Here is the inside. Emmitt is watching his early morning cartoons!
Little compact but it does wonders for us here on the Ranch!

So I noticed Emmitt screaming one day and yes his bucket was on top of his head. I couldn't stop laughing and I was only wondering what his face looked like from the inside so i took a picture.
Here he was screaming!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Redneck Summer!

We just arrived about a week ago to Clear Creek Ranch and life hasn't been too bad since we have been living in our red neck trailer. Kade has been working from sun up till sundown and I have been working part time with Emmitt. It has been quite the change for us Glaziers however, It has been a fun one! It was Bonnies Birthday May 3rd and we celebrated with a cake. I thought it was so neat how her mother in law decorated her cake.....
Happy Birthday Bonnie!!!
Bonnie, William, and Andelyn blowing out the candles
So here is the neat part about the cake.... Bonnie's mother in law made these flowers out of gumdrops! I know right CRAZY! I thought it was so neat I had never seen anything like it.
First day on the job and Emmitt was really tuckered out after helping me out with work. Well it could maybe be from working so hard in his jumper! ha ha