Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Fathers Day weekend pictures!!!! We went to the cabin and enjoyed the weekend together. Lately we have been trying to use the cabin more often:) It has been great we are even going back up this coming weekend!!!Gramps got a GPS for fathers day.
Kade got ties for him and Emmitt from Granny.
A look inside the cabin
Mitt taking a snoozer.
Panquitch Lake
The cabin at Panquitch Lake

Fathers day being this last sunday I had to take a few pictures of Emmitt:) By the time I was through with him this is how he ended up. Sleepy.... plus there are more pictures to come of Dad and mitt together with matching ties Granny Glazier got them.

I could take pictures all day of my cute lil emmitt!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Well about a two weeks ago, Kade found out he drew out for the Southern Rifle hunt. So our evenings for the next few months are booked solid. We go out and look at deer. Some might think this can not be fun, but it actually is a blast for me and even Emmitt. This first buck was one that we saw tonight. Realize of course that these deer have another month and half to grow, so if they are big they are going to be huge as Kade puts it.
Side view of TOD's Buck. Kade named him that.
Frontal view. He is probably saying you can not see me. To bad Tod's Buck, you are to big.
These pictures may look close but they are actaully about 100 yards away. We got a sweet new camera. Four point so far, about 28 to 29 inches wide. Will get alot bigger.

New buck about 900 yards away, but it looks big. Could not get it any clearer.rew
A few small bucks, just fun to look at cause they are not so skittish as the big ones. This makes it so Emmitt can look at them.

Panguitch Lake buck. About 300 yards away. Solid Four Point, with decent depth between the forks. About 23 to 24 inches wide.
UP close of the Panguitch Lake Buck

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bear Lake Seright Family Reunion
This year for the Seright Family reunion we went to Bear Lake. I do not know who has been there before, but if you have not, GO. It is absolutely beautiful. We had a blast looking at the scenery and just enjoying each others company. These next pics are of some of the beauty we saw each day up there.

These birds were everywhere up there. I believe that they are pelicans but I do not know for sure. They had really neat coloration on their wings. Sweet picture Kade caught right below.

Emmitt when we first arrived at camp. When we got there, in a short sense, it was freeeeeeezing. It had rained most of the day and was windy and cold. As you can tell Mitt was not very happy at first. Mostly because we had him bundled up so much and he could hardly move. Most of my family thought he looked like the younger brother on the Christmas Story when he was all wrapped up.
Emmitt helping Dad put up the tent. Gramps and Granny Glazier let us borrow there tent. It is so great and big. Don't know if Mitt is helping or just getting in the way.

Little Emmitt and I getting ready for a walk with my really nice jogging stroller I got for mothers day from daddy. Thank You Kade.

Finally the cousins came and the fun started. Emmitt chasing the girls, Brittney and Brooklyn. He loves his cousins so much.
Go deep Emmitt.
This racket became a great part of Emmitt for this family reunion. He found it and never let it down. I am going to get you Emmitt. He loves being chased.
I had to go use the restroom and Emmitt wanted to see what was going on in there so he tried to get in. He got clear up on his tippy toes, but was just short.
Then the racket came into play again. Great idea Emmitt. Can't reach what he wants so he went and figured out how to by using the racket.

Our beautiful camp. Our tent is not pictured it is off to the right about ten yards.
Brittney showing Emmitt where the snakes leave. Emmitt looking in just to make sure that they are all sleeping.
Emmitt and Andalyn getting ready to head out for a minute watching Beauty and the Beast. Turns out that may be Mitts favorite movie.
We got a tour of this tabernacle in Paris Idaho. It was extremely old. If I remember right it was Brigham Young's son that built it. These old buildings are truly fascinating. If you see the beams that are under the over hang. Mitt kept running around hitting all of them in a row. They made a funny noise and he thought it was hilarious.

At the park by the tabernacle where we had lunch for the day. Going down a slide with Dad.

Second to last day, we went to the beach. No water time, but lots of sand time. Emmitt had a blast at this beach.

All reunion long, Bonnie and Benton brought their dog, Roxy, this was Mitts best friend all reunion long. He about took every family member over to meet Roxy and to make sure they all knew he was there.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer at Granny and Gramps
For the summer we are at Granny and Gramps Glazier's home. Lets just say, if Emmitt was to have a paradise it would be here. They have everything a kid could ever want. Lots and Lots and LOTS of toys, a swing set, and two cats. Kade keeps telling me he is worried Emmitt will never want to go home ever again. These are a few of many fun pics to come.
Granny saw this lawn mower and got it for Mitt to play with. When he pushes it, it blows bubbles. Everytime we go outside this is the first thing that Mitt grabs and starts mowing.
Bubbles out of the mower, notice the cat "piper" next to the tree. AKA Emmitts best friend.

Daddy teaching Emmitt the ways of mowing the lawn. Mitt could not quit laughing the whole time. Notice the body form and everything. It is crazy how much he copies his dad now.
Sad, cause he got in trouble for mowing the cat.
Just finishing up. Doesn't the lawn look so good.
Emmitts second favorite part of the day, watering flowers with Granny and Gramps. He loves water so much.
Gramps was hiding and Granny was spraying him.
Then world war three took place with water.
Come on Granny, in the head!!!!!
Loosing the fight.
Retreat, Retreat.

Hello best friend. Can I run over your tail?

Granny always makes Mitt hug piper the cat. At first he hated it and wanted to run away, but slowly he now loves it and looks forward to his cat bonding time.

The ultimate water toy. A beach ball that sprays water of all angles. Gramps helping Mitt on the ball.

Emmitt will grab the bar and hold himself off the ground for a long time and just laugh like crazy when he lets go. Must be fun when you are that age to do pull ups.

Emmitt loves it when granny plays with him on the swing set.

Emmitt trying to run over the beach ball, sorry bud I don't think it is going to work