Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Well about a two weeks ago, Kade found out he drew out for the Southern Rifle hunt. So our evenings for the next few months are booked solid. We go out and look at deer. Some might think this can not be fun, but it actually is a blast for me and even Emmitt. This first buck was one that we saw tonight. Realize of course that these deer have another month and half to grow, so if they are big they are going to be huge as Kade puts it.
Side view of TOD's Buck. Kade named him that.
Frontal view. He is probably saying you can not see me. To bad Tod's Buck, you are to big.
These pictures may look close but they are actaully about 100 yards away. We got a sweet new camera. Four point so far, about 28 to 29 inches wide. Will get alot bigger.

New buck about 900 yards away, but it looks big. Could not get it any clearer.rew
A few small bucks, just fun to look at cause they are not so skittish as the big ones. This makes it so Emmitt can look at them.

Panguitch Lake buck. About 300 yards away. Solid Four Point, with decent depth between the forks. About 23 to 24 inches wide.
UP close of the Panguitch Lake Buck

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