Saturday, April 12, 2014

RIGHT NOW HAPPENING IN KANAB - Kade Is Kanabs newest High School Biology and Math Teacher, Aspen turned 2 in March, and Emmitt is 4 playing T-ball. We will try and stay more up to date:)

Playing Catch up again!!!!! Ready for Hunting Season with Dad
 FALL 2013 in Pictures

 Halloween Scavenger Hunt From Granny and Gramps: Drive around and Take pictures by....
 A skeleton
 a Black Cat
 A Ghost
 a Witch
 a Scary pumpkin
 Decorated House
 Find the smallest pumpkin
 Find something Dead
 A scary HeadStone
 a Haunted House
 a Spider Web
 Bats... It was a great Scavenger Hunt!

T-ball and Congrats!

Congratulations to the Love of my Life!!! Monday April 7th, 2014 Kade was told He is the new Biology/Math teacher for Kanab High School!!!! 
Kade will be graduating in May and I couldn't be more excited that we are going to be living officially in Kanab! We had hoped to eventually live and raise our kids in Kanab, we are just surprised it is happening now in our lives. It is literally a dream come true! Kade has worked so hard and all the school, homework, time and money has made it all worth it. I'm beyond lucky and blessed to have him in my life! I'm excited to start our amazing family journey here in Kanab! You surely have earned it Honey.. I'm tremendously proud of you! Here's to all the College Late nights studying, sleepless nights with kids, late nights reffing intramurals, discussions of how and where and what we should do with our lives and for our kids... Well I can't think of a better place and way to start:) We are here to stay!

Team RED SOX T-Ball

Emmitt had his first t-ball game April 12th here in Kanab and guess who his coach is:) Yep his DAD! Emmitt is so excited and loves to hit off the tee and play ball. Kanab has a beautiful ball field. I'm so excited to watch him grow up in such beautiful Country! Here he is Big number 4! 

Emmitt started off at First Base

Go Emmitt Go!!!
Trying to teach them not to fight over who gets the ball but hey good hustle right:)
Ready to score at home! Run Run Run

GO RED SOX!!!!!!!
Aspen was pretty worn out after a long t-ball game. The trip on the way home:)