Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday May 22nd
Gramps Glazier and Kade spoke in the 6th ward here in cedar( I think it was the 6th ward) When you get them together you know it is going to be an amazing meeting I have decided:) Kade spoke on Miracles and challenged us to always have faith, that with it we will witness Miracles everyday. He ended it perfectly with saying, " If Miracles cease then Faith has ceased. Gramps did an amazing talk on his experiences from his Bucket list. One of which was going to the Priesthood session and the spirit felt there, he talked on Marriage, and making sure to listen and read from our prophet and apostles.
It was one of those meetings where I know in a perfect sense that this Gospel is real. My whole body was filled with the spirit and you could feel it pouring out of their mouths into every ones hearts. Overwhelming comfort, joy, and goals to be set to improve. That's how you feel after being in tune with the spirit, especially when your speakers are in tune with the spirit daily.
Kade... honey!... I just have to let you know You did an amazing job. You surprise me every time you step in front of the pulpit. I can never get enough of you bearing your testimony of the gospel in front of a congregation. It reminds me of how strong you are as an individual and I am so lucky you are my wonderful husband. You will be such a great example to our little Emmitt. I don't think Emmitt will ever know how much love you have for him as you expressed in your talk of Miracles.
OUR Miracle

However I am sure all his life he will realize it quickly:) I am so blessed to be apart of an amazing faithful Family of not only my parents but my in-laws... and when I say amazing I really mean AMAZING Family!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Monday, May 2, 2011

Emmitt with his cousin Tavin. Granny had bought them matching outfits. They have so much fun together it is crazy.
Gramps scooter rides are some of Emmitts funnest times. Any time we go outside he points at it and wants to go for a ride.