Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Great News....
Emmitt tinkled ( yes I use the word tinkled don't laugh) in the toilet today for his first time and got a sticker and a treat! I was so excited and get this he went twice! In the afternoon and right before He was getting in the tub ready for bed! I have started to introduce the toilet to him but I wasn't sure if he even understood so we have been taking it a little slow and I have just been sitting him on the toilet every morning and night before he goes to bed. So I went to change his diaper today and of coarse he smiles and starts to go tinkle, I told him no and I stopped and ran into the bathroom and sat him on the toilet and told him," this is where you go tinkle". Then ( ok people don't judge me) I turned him around real quick so he was facing the back of the toilet but still sitting( just like sitting backwards on a chair resting your arms around the back of the chair instead of forward). It made it so he could see better I guess with what really was suppose to be going on and then I told him," go ahead tinkle". He then smiled and tried and watched and yes it worked! We celebrated and he loved it and the only problem is now i'm afraid he is going to sit on the toilet a weird way for a bit but hey, He is going in the toilet right! and eventually he will get it when he is bigger. For now I am quite pleased:) Way to go Emmitt!
News News News... Great News!
So... I am happy to announce that we are pregnant! Yes that is what I said:) We are so excited! It has been killing me to try and wait to tell everyone and now I am! We are going to be getting our April Baby! We are due April 7th so as of today I am 14 Weeks and 5 days almost out of my first trimester! We are planning on finding out on November 10th what we are having! It is going by already so fast, I can't believe we will find out so soon whether it will be a precious boy or girl coming to our family:) Whatever he or she it will be, I will be very, very excited! So feel free to share the Great News!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Emmitt!
Emmitt turns 2 on the 9th but we ended up celebrating early with the Glazier side of the family! Emmitt's real birthday we are going to celebrate by going to my sisters baby blessing and I can't wait to see everyone on my side! Kade and I were up at the Cabin and I decided that we should get some two year pictures done of Emmitt. I didn't realize how cute they turned out, What can't my husband do:) I made Emmitt happy and smiling while Kade shot the pictures, Thank you Hubs you did Amazing!:) Here is our soon to be two year old boy! Emmitt has such a cute personality right now. He is talking more and more, favorite food is chicken, pizza or anything sweet, loves cars and has to have one everywhere he goes( as seen in all the pictures), He loves friends and people!, as soon as someone is at our door he is trying to pull them in to show them everything he owns! He has a to die for smile and killer giggle, He likes to hide in our pantry when dad gets home to scare him. He loves to watch cars, walle, and How to train a dragon. He is always finding a toy or something random and will put it to use with his imagination. He tries to fix things when they break and say uh oh the whole time! My favorite little man is starting to learn how to be a gentleman by saying "plEASE plLLEEEAAASSSSE PLEASE!!! it is adorable. He loves to have pillow fights on the bed with mom and Dad included with tickle torture! Every chance he gets he will run after you and try and blow on your leg, stomach, arm to make a farting noise( I know it is horrible yet so cute). He loves to read books, and play games, He folds his arms all the way through prayers and usually starts talking jibberish thinking he is saying a prayer. I can't believe how much this little man has changed my life for the good and made me realize how much JOY he is to me! I love him so much and love every second I spend with him and watch him grow.

Emmitt loves cars so much we did a Cars Theme birthday party and it turned out to be pretty dang cute! We had Granny G. and Gramps G. come with, Mikkel and Jerron, Trajen and Tavin, Uncle Tason, And Uncle Dane ( Diz)! They were all here for you little man.
Here is the Pit stop, We had pizza and apple grape cars, veggies, and yummy dessert.
Check out Emmitt's Cars Cake thank you Glaziers Market:)
Emmitt already trying to sneak from the dessert pile of free tires made from chocolate donuts, yum. I took rice krispies and made stoplights.

Tavin and Trajen all checking out Emmitts Dinosaur gifts

These 3 were having so much fun you couldn't get a good picture they were moving so much.
sorry the lighting was really bad but here he is blowing out his two candles.
Soon everyone was joining in on the blowing, it was so funny they wanted us to keep lighting the candles so they could blow them out. What a great party For my sweet little boy! Thanks Glazier Fam for all the great gifts and being there for his birthday!