Thursday, April 7, 2011

Here are a couple pictures that sum up what we have been up to! The latest was our little family party for the Big Super bowl! We are major Packer Fans! Go Packers

Like father, Like Son
Four out of Seven of us have a little one or more than one little one. So I decided we all needed a break:) I called up some girls a little late and luckily it was a good time for a bunch to come over and have some fun without the husbands and little ones! I had one game and one prize which consisted of a cherry in a bowl covered with whip cream. The first to get the cherry with no hands won a pack of lotion and perfume. I thought I would maybe get two or three but dang these girls went all out! Congrats to Jenny! Everyone visited, painted nails and we watched a little bit of The BAchelor. Thanks everyone for coming it was a great turn out and get away! We will do another one soon.

Emmitt with his Cheezie Face!

Emmitt with Bongo. MEAN KITTY

Gramps and Emmitt
Lately he has taken quite the liking to gramps. Way to go GRAMPS