Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend in Coalville

 Great Grandma Seright ( Walters) with Aspen
 Andelyn and Aspen
 William and Emmitt taking a walk to the park
 Good times at Chuck e Cheese 

 Giving Hugs!
 finding toys and books at Grandpa Douglas 
 Decorating Grandpa Serights grave and Grandpa Walters
George, Izzy, and Emmitt
Emmitt and Izzy bcoming bestfriends!

Great Times At Gramps and Granny G's House

 Aspen getting her rub down before bed from Granny
 Gramps putting up Granny Jeans Tire Swing in the front yard, Emmitt seriously cannot get enough of the tire swing:)
 McDonald happy meals really makes this guy happy!
 walking around Glaziers Market not ever wanting to leave Gramps side:)
Having a water party in the backyard with Traj and Tav!

Summer School

 Kade is knocking out some classes by taking Summer School! So since he doesn't get to be home a little bit of the summer Emmitt, Aspen, and I decided to go and visit him on campus quite a bit:) In the new science building they have a really neat little museum and emmitt just loves going in to look at the animals and reptiles and bones! They even made him a special pair of binoculars to see everything with!!!:)

Aspens Baby Blessing

May 6th, 2012 Aspen was blessed and we had Kades parents, Dane, Tason and my entire family come to see her receive her baby blessing! It was exciting and was a wonderful spiritual experience:) She is such a beautiful little princess. Her dad did the blessing and she is now and will become a very blessed little lady!!!

getting ready before the blessing, I was so excited because she was able to wear my blessing dress! I thought it was really special:)
 wondering who all these people are:)
taking pictures with Granny Glazier after the blessing:)