Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Husband is ALIVE!!!! Kade and the boys were on one of our mules they tried dodging a squirrel and were going to fast. Somehow they got into a wreck and Kade got ran over then pinned under the wheel........... somehow he is just fine....
A Day at the Ranch


It was so nice to just go on our day off and travel an hour and a half to see this spectacular sight! We stopped in Kanab and picked up the parents and were off to explore.

we saw animals... even ones you wouldn't have expected.

The lodge there is beautiful and I'm thinking we are going to have to try out the food sometime.

Granny is Emmitts favorite! More ice cream please!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 4th of JULY!!!!! The weekend was so wonderful! We went to Kanab and enjoyed some time with the Fam. Granny G. made some yummy homemade Rootbeer and we enjoyed the festivities that k-town was throwing. Of coarse Granny came through with such cute 4th of july outfits as you can see! Thank you Granny G.! The day was beautiful, as every 4th of July should be. We started off the weekend with a great parade in the morning, then went to the park to have some lunch, and ended it with watching the fireworks at Grandma Jeans. We had lots and lots of good treats and homemade Rootbeer to fill us completely full till I thought I was going to burst. Overall it was a great first 4th of July for Emmitt!
He loves his Granny....
and her cool toys!

Getting ready for the Parade to start
His two front teeth are finally starting to show. Such a Daddy's Boy still!
Emmitt before your eyes on your left is what your going to look like in about 23 yrs. To your right is what your going to look like when your an old fart. Well it looks like things are going to turn out pretty swell for you after all.

Emmitt thought he had the best of us in grabbing a tootsie roll and putting it quickly into his mouth... until he realized it still had the wrapper on. His face is exactly what it should be tasting waxed paper.
Oh yes, Kade did run out to spider man in the middle of the parade and make him take a picture with Emmitt! Kade was more excited than Emmitt was.
At the park Granny took Emmitt to the fountains and he loved it.
This picture is priceless I look at it and can't quite laughing!
Loving Granny G's. lawn and beautiful landscape

The Fireworks were great as always in Kanab! Emmitt did not cry one time during the fireworks, in fact he giggled at times and ooooed and ahhhed as Kade did. He thought they were the neatest thing ever.

Emmitt loves this toy at Granny G's house. He is living the life with the remote control in one hand and sitting on the Big Yellow Turd.

Emmitt is finally moving more!HOoray! He really wants to crawl but still prefers to scoot he pulls himself up on things and just giggles! Soon he will be all over the place when he realizes he can crawl, I think it will be so much fun when he can!