Saturday, October 12, 2013

Playing Catch Up!!!

Yes I don't know why I haven't kept up with blogging but here are a few things that have happened this  
 Fall,  I ran my second 1/2 (13.1 miles) marathon and beat my first time!! 1 hr and 50 min thanks this this Amazing women Tina Williams! She trained with me and is what made me stick to it!
 We have spent lots of time in Cedar Cities beautiful mountains picnicking and enjoying the leaves change.

 Halloween crafts made for my home!

 Crisp Fall evenings with my BESTIES Emmitt and Aspen! Which by the way Aspen was asleep in the car during my camera one on one time with Emmitt:)

 Love this Little Guy!
 So much like his DAD
Gocery shopping with my ninja turtle

 practicing our Halloween party dance moves!
 She loves sleep, LUCKY ME!  The drive to Coalville for my cousins baby shower
 Yes my mother had lots and lots and lots of snow at the beginning of Oct!
 back porch from my moms house
  A visit to Great Grandpa Cecils
 Every time I go to his place He inspires me! I want this in my house!
 Visiting my Cousin Karina in the Hospital, She had a major tumor and was blessed it wasn't cancerous, but is having major issues from surgery. We have been praying for her to get through it. 
Conference at Grandma Elo's was wonderful! Aspen Likes her grandma

Saturday, January 19, 2013

First Snow in Cedar City! We kept waking up every morning in December and would hope to see snow, finally we did get some:) Emmitt was so excited to get on his snow clothes for the first time this year! He was one heck of a snow angel maker...

 FHE we got out a Gingerbread house and Emmitt and Kade did an excellent job with it!

Christmas 2012
 Christmas this year was in Kanab and it was great! We took so many great pictures of the kidlets with the christmas spirit! This year was really the first to see Emmitt know what was going on! We did an elf this year and can I say (whoever invented the elf is sent from heaven:)) seriously if mitt wasn't eating his veggies all I needed to say was, well the elf is watching and might tell santa you aren't eating your food... He would quickly reply, " ok. I sorry elf. don't tell santa please" then he would gobble them down, It was AWESOME!!! It is so fun to see, feel, and spiritually learn so much from my two kids during this special time of year, there was something about it I just can't put into many words except that one comes to mind and that is JOY. I couldn't imagine not having my two beautiful kids with Kade and I here right now.  I am so grateful to be able to share their first experiences where there eyes are opened to something new! It is like a glimpse into Heaven:)  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas like us.