Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Family Night

We had a great family night tradition in getting ready for Halloween last night!!! We made carmel apples, Carved pumpkins, baked the seeds!mmm. and watched Hocus Pocus!!! Suprisingly Mitt really likes the show. He sat right on my lap and loved it!
Our pumpkins turned out pretty good this year I think;) I did the cat. Kade did the skeleton and ghost for Mitt! Our pumpkins were huge this year! I was so excited when we found them!

Mitt was not as excited if you can't tell! I guess I wouldn't be either if my toes were inside a slimy pumpkin.

Look how thick these suckers were, and how much stuff was in them we really filled our garbage bags this year with gunk! However we did get to enjoy lots of pumpkin seeds:)

Mitt helping Dad dig out the guts!
Mmmmm yes good job mitt!
Before the carving! OOOOOOO! look at what I found mom!
Look at Mitt then look at the pumpkins! They are huge
Sat. we took a trip to st. george to do some shopping for mitts 1st year pictures! It was a cooler day but looking outside the window on the way was simply one of those breathtaking moments!
Here he is at first on the trip trying not to smile but mom has her ways you will soon learn......
Getting there........


FINALLY ..... Thats my Boy!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

We had liz come out and do family pictures! They turned out amazing! She took only a few of Emmitt and I am so excited to get more with her of Emmitt for his 1 yr. old pictures!!! I can't wait to print these off and frame them in my home!!! How exciting:)

Shannon my sister in-law having some fun with him! We might try some fun things.

Gramps, Granny, Emmitt, Trajen and Tavin." Glazier boy crew"

Emmitt is now 1!!! We celebrated with the family and had a party of his favorite show Handy Manny! Seriously you wouldn't think a kid at this age would care what he watches, however he does:) he will not budge when this show comes on and if we do try to budge him... He screams. The party was great and He loved every min of it! Granny and Gramps G. were there, Dane, Tason, our cousins Jewel, Jamie, and Ryan came too!!! Wow spoiled with presents already at one! I don't think he will need christmas! ha ha j/k. Grandma and Grandpa S. were helping out at the ranch and we were able to celebrate a second party after too! Double spoiled!

He loves his lightning McQueen car!
Kade made Emmitts cake!!! It is a tool from the show! Baaaahaaa! he really suprises me! He did so good.
and I did His big cake for everyone! Yes, his skin color didn't come out quite right but hey its the thought in trying that counts right!
He loved unwrapping all the presents!
need I say more with this picture! He loves his granny! Thank you!
Tason helping him open his vaccum he got from kade and I and Yes our son is obsessed with our real vaccum! He giggles and starts flapping his arms in utter excitement when I turn it on. Sometimes it is the only thing that will make him happy when he is sad.
Woooohooo! Thank you everyone for the gifts! He is loving every min. of it. and it makes my life easier too!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Conference Time is always so great! You know fall is here when general conference is around the corner!!! We had such a great weekend for conference. We went to the Ranch at Zion for the first half of conference and spent it with My sister. The drive there was gorgeous all the leaves are changing to yellow and now bright reds! I love it! Then the second half we came home to our cozy apartment and built this! A -FORT- It seemed perfect for the occasion. Mitt enjoyed it too!Here's mitt listening intently
Here he is spying on his Pa!
And here the full picture of the fort covering my entire living room! I'm so happy no one came to visit today! There would have been nowhere left to sit except inside the fort:)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

We are so blessed to have most of kades family all living so close together to be able to do such fun things together! We all went to chilis for dinner and then they all came over to our apartment for dessert! Green Bay Packer cake and Cookies n Cream Ice cream! What a great time
He pulled in the goods and received a wolfpack hat from his brothers and some great blu-ray dvds! I'm so happy he loved what he got! He better have he got exactly what he wanted. So thank you everyone who helped and made this wonderful event eventful! Thanks to The Glazier Crew and to Mom and Pa Seright! We love all of you!

Here we are Fri. and sat we got to watch Joseph Play in Gunnison while we were passing through to stay in Coalville and hit my Cousin Tori's wedding! Joseph has become quite the ball player! Keep it up Joe, Seeing everyone in Coalville was so great for me also! I miss the mountains there so much! All the leaves were changing in the canyons on the drive over and it was GOOOOORGEOUS! We had a little celebration in coalville on sat. early for kades birthday too! Thanks for the ice cream party mom!!!! What a great weekend!