Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Family Night

We had a great family night tradition in getting ready for Halloween last night!!! We made carmel apples, Carved pumpkins, baked the seeds!mmm. and watched Hocus Pocus!!! Suprisingly Mitt really likes the show. He sat right on my lap and loved it!
Our pumpkins turned out pretty good this year I think;) I did the cat. Kade did the skeleton and ghost for Mitt! Our pumpkins were huge this year! I was so excited when we found them!

Mitt was not as excited if you can't tell! I guess I wouldn't be either if my toes were inside a slimy pumpkin.

Look how thick these suckers were, and how much stuff was in them we really filled our garbage bags this year with gunk! However we did get to enjoy lots of pumpkin seeds:)

Mitt helping Dad dig out the guts!
Mmmmm yes good job mitt!
Before the carving! OOOOOOO! look at what I found mom!
Look at Mitt then look at the pumpkins! They are huge
Sat. we took a trip to st. george to do some shopping for mitts 1st year pictures! It was a cooler day but looking outside the window on the way was simply one of those breathtaking moments!
Here he is at first on the trip trying not to smile but mom has her ways you will soon learn......
Getting there........


FINALLY ..... Thats my Boy!!!!

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