Thursday, November 4, 2010

HaLLoWEen 2010

Emmitt was a sea turtle and his cousins Traj, and Tav. were the incredibles. Halloween turned out real good for Mitt! As you can tell everyone loves you and your outfit! We went to the trunk r treat at the ward house for the kids and Mom and Dad G. were providing some treats also for it so we couldn't miss it! Kade dressed up with dad and scared all the kids away from there trunk! ha ha Emmitt was just so excited to see kids everywhere he just wanted to not be held and take off! After the trunk r treat we headed to Grandma Jeans and Mitt loves all of her fun stuff inside too! There is always something he has his eye after. Later that evening we helped pass out candy to all of the kids coming by! What a great Halloween day and night.Grandma Jean
Mitt and Dad
The happy and not so slow sea turtle trying to take off before he even got any candy! He just wanted to head to the next trunk as fast as he could.
The Silent Hidden Hunter( Gramps G.) and the Screaming Hunter( Kade)
Emmitt, Tavin, and Trajen enjoying their bags full of goodies from Granny
What would we do without her?
Our Family

Mikkel threw a halloween party for Traj and we were invited! Emmitt loves there slide in back, get this though Granny would say Ready.. Set... GO then have him go down. Now every time we go down a slide you here Emmitt mumble mmmmeaadddy , eeeeet, OOOOOO! It is so crazy I can't believe he picked up on it so quick! Happy Halloween everyone!

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