Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sorry this blog is backwards hopefully you can figure it out, I hate when blogger does that. Enjoy!Ha he held tight till it was all the way strung out! Way to go Emmitt, I was laughing so hard, I guess he was born a natural at flying kites!
By the time it was getting clear out there I started to get worried it would fly away with him. ha ha or Emmitt probably was going to let go and we would lose our kite:)
Emmitt was shaking his hand up and down so excited and it would slowly let the kite go further and further!
Before We knew it the kite took flight! I seriously couldn't believe it!
got Emmitt nice and comfortable and gave him a hold of the kite for fun...
Kade got it all ready and put the kite together so Emmitt could fly it, We went outside...
Emmitt grabbed his kite today when we got home from church I told Kade that Emmitt wanted him to fly his kite with him So...
This Sabbath day has been a great one! We had early morning church at 9:00, came home, started cooking up a good meal, visiting teachers dropped by, then we went out and flew kites with Emmitt. It was a lot of fun with him. At one point Kade handed him the kite string holder and Emmitt started to shake it, the kite just took off all two hundred feet of it was in the air in ten seconds. It was great! I don't think I have ever seen a baby fly a kite. So I was pretty excited!

Friday, April 23, 2010

About two weeks ago I was able to go back to my hometown Coalville with my brother and his wife. It was so nice to just have a girls night with my Mom, Jess, shannon, and my grandma! I just really needed it. Also I participated in one of my best friends Bridal Showers! It had been so long since I had seen so many of my good friends from highschool, oh my heck it was such a blast. Everyone loved Emmitt!
Cecil and Shannon are going to be leaving to Minnesotta for the summer! I am really going to miss having my work out buddy and a friend for Emmitt! Ethan and Emmitt seriously are best friends for life:) Also I am going to miss the crazy stories Shannon is always telling us about, like she is at the dinner table, She gets real into it, gotta lover her! aaaaahaha!
I had to post these pictures up with these two to show how much they absolutely loved each other and couldn't be any closer as cousins( literally!!!)
Ethan and Emmitt already wrestling eachother
These two again at Gram and Gramp Seright finishing up eating! I love the looks they are giving us.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter was so good at the Glaziers home in Kanab! We decorated eggs, found easter baskets, had a picnic in beautiful weather, watched conference, watched the boys shoot the easter eggs and explode, had a wonderful lunch, and over all had a wonderful weekend that I don't think none of us will forget as a family. Sadly over the easter weekend The Glazier family had to experience losing a best friend. Probably the best dog I have ever met really. He was a really really good dog! Kade is so funny I was talking to him about ever getting a dog some day and all he ever talks about when we ever get a dog( which is a long ways away) can only be a yellow lab. I know why Kade is like this because Bubba has been seriously the perfect dog anyone could ask for. Kade has been spoiled with having the luxury of a good dog. Of coarse Bubba was such a good dog because of mom and dad G. were so good with and to him! Bubba was 13 years old and really had the best dog life any dog could have from what I had seen. We all are really going to miss our old friend. I'm real happy I was able to get a picture of Bubba with Emmitt and I love it! Bubba was always coming in and checkin him out to see what new thing Emmitt was. It was great!
Emmitt found his Easter basket. He could not get enough of the eggs. He kept opening them, then would throw them.
Here are the boys with good ole Grandma Jean, one of the best grandmas out there
Dane and Kade showing off with their amazing shooting skills.
The three best looking grandkids around.
The twins, notice Emmitt is holding on to Tavin. They are going to be best friends.
We don't know how they both made this face, but it is great. We are going to call it "The Look."
More Easter Basket fun. We may never get to fly the kite cause Emmitt always has it in his mouth.

Coloring Eggs or eating Eggs, you decide.
Why is there a egg football on my try?