Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sorry this blog is backwards hopefully you can figure it out, I hate when blogger does that. Enjoy!Ha he held tight till it was all the way strung out! Way to go Emmitt, I was laughing so hard, I guess he was born a natural at flying kites!
By the time it was getting clear out there I started to get worried it would fly away with him. ha ha or Emmitt probably was going to let go and we would lose our kite:)
Emmitt was shaking his hand up and down so excited and it would slowly let the kite go further and further!
Before We knew it the kite took flight! I seriously couldn't believe it!
got Emmitt nice and comfortable and gave him a hold of the kite for fun...
Kade got it all ready and put the kite together so Emmitt could fly it, We went outside...
Emmitt grabbed his kite today when we got home from church I told Kade that Emmitt wanted him to fly his kite with him So...

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  1. haha oh what a cutie! I love flying kites! What a cute idea to do with the little one :)