Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Redneck Summer!

We just arrived about a week ago to Clear Creek Ranch and life hasn't been too bad since we have been living in our red neck trailer. Kade has been working from sun up till sundown and I have been working part time with Emmitt. It has been quite the change for us Glaziers however, It has been a fun one! It was Bonnies Birthday May 3rd and we celebrated with a cake. I thought it was so neat how her mother in law decorated her cake.....
Happy Birthday Bonnie!!!
Bonnie, William, and Andelyn blowing out the candles
So here is the neat part about the cake.... Bonnie's mother in law made these flowers out of gumdrops! I know right CRAZY! I thought it was so neat I had never seen anything like it.
First day on the job and Emmitt was really tuckered out after helping me out with work. Well it could maybe be from working so hard in his jumper! ha ha

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