Sunday, October 17, 2010


Emmitt is now 1!!! We celebrated with the family and had a party of his favorite show Handy Manny! Seriously you wouldn't think a kid at this age would care what he watches, however he does:) he will not budge when this show comes on and if we do try to budge him... He screams. The party was great and He loved every min of it! Granny and Gramps G. were there, Dane, Tason, our cousins Jewel, Jamie, and Ryan came too!!! Wow spoiled with presents already at one! I don't think he will need christmas! ha ha j/k. Grandma and Grandpa S. were helping out at the ranch and we were able to celebrate a second party after too! Double spoiled!

He loves his lightning McQueen car!
Kade made Emmitts cake!!! It is a tool from the show! Baaaahaaa! he really suprises me! He did so good.
and I did His big cake for everyone! Yes, his skin color didn't come out quite right but hey its the thought in trying that counts right!
He loved unwrapping all the presents!
need I say more with this picture! He loves his granny! Thank you!
Tason helping him open his vaccum he got from kade and I and Yes our son is obsessed with our real vaccum! He giggles and starts flapping his arms in utter excitement when I turn it on. Sometimes it is the only thing that will make him happy when he is sad.
Woooohooo! Thank you everyone for the gifts! He is loving every min. of it. and it makes my life easier too!

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  1. Wow ang, the cake looks awesome! So sad we weren't there. Traj would have loved it!