Saturday, October 2, 2010

We are so blessed to have most of kades family all living so close together to be able to do such fun things together! We all went to chilis for dinner and then they all came over to our apartment for dessert! Green Bay Packer cake and Cookies n Cream Ice cream! What a great time
He pulled in the goods and received a wolfpack hat from his brothers and some great blu-ray dvds! I'm so happy he loved what he got! He better have he got exactly what he wanted. So thank you everyone who helped and made this wonderful event eventful! Thanks to The Glazier Crew and to Mom and Pa Seright! We love all of you!

Here we are Fri. and sat we got to watch Joseph Play in Gunnison while we were passing through to stay in Coalville and hit my Cousin Tori's wedding! Joseph has become quite the ball player! Keep it up Joe, Seeing everyone in Coalville was so great for me also! I miss the mountains there so much! All the leaves were changing in the canyons on the drive over and it was GOOOOORGEOUS! We had a little celebration in coalville on sat. early for kades birthday too! Thanks for the ice cream party mom!!!! What a great weekend!

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