Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Great News....
Emmitt tinkled ( yes I use the word tinkled don't laugh) in the toilet today for his first time and got a sticker and a treat! I was so excited and get this he went twice! In the afternoon and right before He was getting in the tub ready for bed! I have started to introduce the toilet to him but I wasn't sure if he even understood so we have been taking it a little slow and I have just been sitting him on the toilet every morning and night before he goes to bed. So I went to change his diaper today and of coarse he smiles and starts to go tinkle, I told him no and I stopped and ran into the bathroom and sat him on the toilet and told him," this is where you go tinkle". Then ( ok people don't judge me) I turned him around real quick so he was facing the back of the toilet but still sitting( just like sitting backwards on a chair resting your arms around the back of the chair instead of forward). It made it so he could see better I guess with what really was suppose to be going on and then I told him," go ahead tinkle". He then smiled and tried and watched and yes it worked! We celebrated and he loved it and the only problem is now i'm afraid he is going to sit on the toilet a weird way for a bit but hey, He is going in the toilet right! and eventually he will get it when he is bigger. For now I am quite pleased:) Way to go Emmitt!

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