Thursday, November 3, 2011

We have had quite the October Fest! We headed over to Granny and Gramps G. for fall break from school and had so much fun! We played in the backyard, Went to a pumpkin patch at Clear Creek ranch, carved pumpkins, played with the wicked witch at granny's house, went on a rhino ride up to the t.v. towers and later on went to another fun festive Stahlei Farms pumpkin patch! Wow, and yet I still have pictures of Emmitt of Halloween to post! LOts and Lots of trick or treating pics!
Emmitt giving the wicked witch a smooch!
He loves his itsy bitsy spider book from granny for halloween!
Emmitt and I at the t.v towers, only the second time I've been up there since Kade proposed.
Gramps showing Emmitt the roots of kanab and what its all about.
Dad helping Emmitt pick some pumpkins
"Should we get some more pumpkins mom, what do you think?"
Posing infront of Clear Creeks entrance
Emmitt is never happier than swinging in the swing with gramps!
Playing the leaves! Crunch, Crunch!
Emmitt and Kade
Emmitt helping mom carve her pumpkin!
here are the pumpkins we all carved!
This place was so neat! Emmitt and I sliding down the slide into corn kernals! They had a petting zoo, a corn maze, rides and games for the kids, food, and the pumpkin patch! It was so fun!
Feeding the animals was Emmitts Favorite
Taking a ride on the homemade carisol! Trajen, Tavin, and Emmitt loved it and hung on real tight.
Taking a ride in the Wagon train, it was pulled by a tractor. I was so worried one of them was going to fall right out!
Feeding the ducks
Feeding the baby Goats
Going on a Horse ride
Meeting Wicka the witch!
Taking a stroll in a wagon and....
Lastly picking the pumpkins! It was so neat I totally recommend it for families!
Going into Wickas house!
Getting a Hay ride out to the pumpkin patch!

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