Sunday, November 27, 2011

We are moving... I am excited for a new place and more room for our new baby but sad to leave what we have been use to for the past couple of years. Emmitt doesn't like us packing everything in boxes and leaving them in the living room. I started packing the movies away in a box and he started screaming like I was ruining his life. I think he will like the new place. We are headed to the other side of town, a new neck of the woods, Sunset Ridge. We have heard great things about the people and neighbors there so it should be a fun change for our family! I am dreading the packing. I have always hated packing. I think its the fact that your leaving a place your familiar with is my problem. But unpacking I actually love! I know I'm staying for a while and I like the feeling of a fresh new start. I have lots to post from the Thanksgiving Break but you probably won't see any pictures till after the move. Expect them to come soon though.

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