Saturday, April 12, 2014

Out of Order:)
 My posts are out of order but I really wanted to get my kids birthdays in and them being 4 and 2 starting 2014. Its crazy like I said how time flies by. So on to Emmitt

Emmitt at 4!!!!
 - Loves Batman
-Wants to play with friends everyday, even if it is to make a new friend
- His favorite color is Blue and Green 
- Loves to play t-ball
- Loves to play outside
-Can write his name really good!
-Loves to go to preschool
-Likes to ride his bike
-His favorite food is Orange Chicken from Panda 
-He is always watching over his sister. 
- Loves to tackle fight with DAD
-Never stops running
-Never stops asking questions:) " Mom, how does a balloon fly?"
-Loves primary and never forgets to remind us he has to take his book of mormon
- Can play angry birds/sonic better than Kade and I
-Loves to watch movies
-Has to fix his pillow and bed "just perfect" before he falls asleep
- Asks ," Do I look just perfect?" before he leaves to school
- His favorite book is Sharks and The Tickle Monster
- Is very imaginative
-Loves to wear watches and likes to tell time:)
-Can sing the Alphabet
-Can count to 20
- Loves to help Aspen say prayers
-Likes to get himself dressed and wear only certain things:)
-Likes to paint
-Says," I'm just busy Mom, I have lots of work" all the time!
-Says" When I grow up I want to be a Missionary:)

My little man surprises me everyday! He is growing up so fast and I can't believe I have a 4 yr old!!!! I love him so much... I pick him up and hold him like a baby and say, rock a bye.. your my baby boy:) Then he looks at me and says NO I"M NOT A BABY! But I reply, you always will be my baby boy:)



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