Saturday, April 12, 2014


Aspen turned 2 !!!  
 Good morning Aspen you are two! said Emmitt as he tackled her down and gave her a Kiss:)
                                      Welcome to Aspen's Kitty Cat party

Hmmm.... What's this?

Ohhhh! Its a cake just for me:) I love this pretty girl

Aspen at 2
- Loves cats ( wants to be one literally)
- Likes to be the center of attention
- Wants to snuggle
- Doesn't stop chattering, even if your not sure what she said.
- Makes a mess of everything and loves it
- loves playdough
- loves to draw and paint on anything she can get a hold of.
- loves to play endless reader app on my phone and is getting amazingly fast at it.
-says "pease" and " tank you" for everything:)
- Likes to say prayers
-Dances and Sings" twinkle twinkle little star" and "rock a bye and don't you cry."
-follows her brother everywhere
- wants to be a super hero like her brother and fight bad guys, no girly stuff
- Loves to put socks on her hands as gloves
-Can do a somersault.
-Loves shoes, it doesn't matter if they are too big she will put them on and wear them.
- eats almost everything!
- in the mornings comes to the side of our bed and says, Goodmorning DADDY! ( Calls me daddy and Kade daddy) still am working on that:)
-Loves church Nursery and goes without care
- At bedtime says, goodnight see you morning, and is out in almost 1 song I sing later.
- Loves color inspirations on netflix
-Loves to swing!
- When asked how old she is says"I"m Two!" while holding up three fingers:)

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