Friday, June 18, 2010

Emmitt has a new toy and he loves it!!! Its his Frogger Floaty! We ran a hose from the washer hookup to get warmer water for the kids to swim in so really they were in there own little hot tub. ha ha. Emmitt just layed back and enjoyed himself this afternoon.He finally started figuring out he could move himself around in it. The little pool he is in made that possible. He would kick is feet off the bottom and push himself around in it.

Of coarse Will had to try it too! He was too tall though. He kept trying to stand up and would head dive first straight into the water. When the pond gets warmer they will love this.
Emmitt and Andelynn are inseparable, when she saw how much fun Emmitt was having she goes, " I want a turn". She ended up getting really mad because she was told she was too big to get in it. " I'm not" she would say over and over again, then go off and pout. She is a cutie. She makes Emmitt laugh so hard. He loves her to death!

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