Thursday, June 10, 2010

8 months old!!!!

Emmitt turned 8 months old yesterday and is learning so quickly. He laughs all the time, loves to grab at food on my plate and eat it. Is rolling and pulling himself up on things. Slowly wanting to crawl, scoots instead in a circle on his behind. He says " Ma Ma, Da Da, and Bu bba" He loves to give kisses to anyone he can get a hold of. He throws his head back and screams when he is mad, and shakes his head NO NO NO. He has four teeth, and the fifth has been literally a living hell for him. Kade told me to say that. He has had it ruff the past little while with his teeth but is still smiling constantly! I can never get enough of this little man.FUN DAYS AT THE RANCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Playing in the grass on a nice summer day.
Granny G. bought him a huge tubaware that is used for Emmitts bathtub. He loves it so much. He just splashes and splashes, by the end of bath time I am covered with water and it is as if I got in bath myself.

Emmitt loves to play patty cake with me, He claps all the time trying to get me to sing the song.
The beginning stages of crawling, he moves very little but is starting to like it more and more each day.


  1. Ang! Baby Emmitt is 8 months?? Wow! Seriously, time just flies! He is getting cuter and cuter every time you post pictures. You are such a great mother- it's so much fun to see him be so happy! :)

  2. Hey loser! ha ha just kidding i miss you too and I can't wait to reunite our boys! Don't worry remember Ethan just barely really started crawling so Emmitt is right on the same course! our home number is 651-429-9435 call me soon!