Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sugar Cookies...
During our stay at Granny G. she decided she had better make some sugar cookies for Christmas Day! Well it didn't take long for Emmitt to help her out...He even got out the rolling pin all ready for her to start. He has his gingerbread man Apron on and couldn't be happier.

Seright Christmas Party 2010
Early Dec. We traveled to Magna where Clint and Coralie live to celebrate our Family Christmas Party! It turned out wonderful and we were able to help Bonnie and Benton move into there new place in Tooele which is close by! After everyone had helped unload the boxes we came back to Clints and Had a great Dinner with everyone. Then we had all the kids act out the Manger Skit. so we didn't forget what Christmas is all about. Emmitt was a sheep, he was too busy running around to be baby jesus:) ha ha After we watched the Cartoon movie of Christs Birth, Santa came! (Somebody real close to my heart) wink wink;) He did a great job! It couldn't have been a better ending to the spiritual evening.
I don't think Emmitt is sure what to think of this!

He was real happy to get his toy from Santa though! He didn't even scream, he just pulled his not so sure face at him and decided he would get his toy and get out of there quick!
Way to go Santa, You can even make Grandpa Cecil Laugh! I love this picture
Thank You Santa
Thanksgiving 2010
We were able to make it to both of our families Thanksgivings This year! It was so Great! These first pictures are of Our Thanksgiving in Coalville! Then later on are pictures in Kanab! Thanks everyone for making it so great and Memorable.

Here is your Great Grandpa Cecil Douglas Emmitt!
And here is your Great Grandma Jean Glazier! You loved playing with her and Tavin during Thankgiving!
Kade, Emmitt, Gram Jean, Dane and Granny all looking at a photo album of when Gram J. was young

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