Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We went camping and It was great! Ellie and Josh did a great job in planning a beautiful spot for all of us to enjoy. (Beware of pictures) We camped in Idaho, only 20 miles away from montana and 30 min. away from yellow stone. The first night we got there pretty late so everyone just set up there camp, ate, and were off to sleep.....

Then the morning came and everyone was buzzing real early hungry and ready to eat. Kade especially :)

BROOKLYN trying to figure out how to work her stilts we made her. ha ha However we do love the cute butt crack she does so well at showing off.
Emmitt and Kade waking up inside the tent. At about ten everyone was ready to go down the river!

The water was crystal clear and pretty cold no one wanted to really get in but some ended up in anyway. Bonnie and Bentons canoe ended up tipping them over on the trip. haha In the beginning of the trip it was very very shallow and sometimes we would have to get out and push quite a ways. Later on down the river it was real deep! I was real worried if you can't tell Emmitt has everything on from a life jacket to an inner tube around him while he is in the boat!

We stopped along shore and ate lunch with everyone, the kids loved playing in the water and soon water fights began very quickly! Clint was tackled by Joseph in the river and let out the girliest scream any of us had ever heard. To this day I'm sure none of us will ever let it go. Now at the end of our trip down the river we saw a MOOSE! It made the whole trip worth while too! I couldn't believe it how big he was! He was just minding his own business chowin down on some bushes nearby.

Gram S. holding Emmitt. Sadly Emmitt cried half way but when Gram got a hold of him he started to settle down a bit. Thank heavens for her, she even got him to sleep some of the way. I was sure grateful
Grandpa Cecil joined us on the trip. He is 94 and still kickin it! Funny quote from him later that night around the camp fire.
Clint: So Grandpa did you ever think you would be camping and floating down a river at the age of 95 like you are now?
Grandpa Cecil: Well I'll have to see when I'm 95, I'm only 94.

Emmitt with his first campfire SMORE and wanting MORE and MORE
The next day we went to John's Cabin. ( I will update more)

The water pump to make electricity to the cabin. It pumped up hill.
This is the biginning of the river we floated down believe it or not!!!!
After all of our site seeing Emmitt was puckered out and didn't need much help to go to sleep for an afternoon nap. Soon after everyone woke up we were off to see the Mesa Falls! These were awesome!

Joe pondering
Grandpa Cecil, Mom S. and Dad S.
The last day of the vacation came quick. Everyone packed up their camps and were on there seperate ways. So Kade and I decided we had better stop and take a look at Bear World. We had seen all the wildlife we wanted on the trip except for a bear, so why not!
Bear world is totally worth it! There is not only bears but a variety of animals, a petting zoo, a huge gift shop, rides to go on and more!


  1. haha Ang that looks like soo much fun! I love that area! Looks like Emmitt had the time of his life! :)

  2. Looks like so much fun!!!! The Glazier fam should do a trip like this one day!!