Thursday, March 31, 2011


So I know it has been a little ... ok a while... Alright too long since I have posted last. I'm sorry. I have so much to catch up on which, I promise will happen. As of now I had to post my latest experience with Emmitt before I forget.

Emmitt can be shy when he first meets you, then once he takes you in as his friend your doomed for never ending attention from him. He loves attention..... However not when it comes to one thing which leads me to my story.
Our ward had a talent show, so we went ( we did not perform in any way thank goodness) While Kade was catching up with some friends after the show, I was following Emmitt on his way to finding his next best friend. Soon He found her, an adorable little girl about the same age as he and he was in heaven. They played and played.
So I decided I could socialize and not worry about him running off for a minute and watch him in one spot out of the corner of my eye. Soon after socializing for quite a while and not watching Emmitt as closely as I had thought. I heard a faint MMMMAAAUUMM from far away. I let it go for a minute then I heard it again MMMAAAAUUMMM only louder. I turned around and no Emmitt only little girl. I heard the MMMMMAAAAUUUUMMMM again and followed. There behind a corner down the hall was Emmitt screaming for me. As I approached I noticed a distinct smell... Emmitt just looked at me silently with his sad eyes...... Yes he had pooped his pants and yes he had run away from everyone so they wouldn't witness what he had done. I couldn't help from laughing. I changed his pants and as soon as I had put him down he ran to his new best friend. Everything was perfect once again..... Do you think this is a sign he might want to learn to potty train soon... That would be nice. Since then He will run and hide in his bedroom or anywhere he can find away from others. The first event I have seen Emmitt never wanting to be the center of attention. Who would have guessed:)


  1. haha I say give it a try!!!!! he might just be ready for it! and theres nothing to lose!

  2. I have started the potty training stage. My little guy loves running to the little potty when he get his diaper off, its been about a week and nothing has ended up in the potty but he likes sitting on it and being called a big boy. Its worth a try. Good luck!