Tuesday, May 6, 2014


 Easter in kanab this year was such fun!!!! Here are a few pictures of how we started out the celebration by coloring eggs:) Don't mind our ghetto Mt. Dew egg holder we made:)

Check out my hands Mom!!!!

Easter Morning!!!! Emmitt and Aspen were so excited to find there baskets and what they found inside:) Two thumbs up!!!!
Kanab City Park EGG HUNT!!!
Emmitt and Aspen both found money eggs!
Next up for the day Egg Hunt at Granny and Gramps! Pretty exciting day for these two!
Gramps and Granny spoiled the kiddos with easter baskets and Big Bunnies keeping there baskets safe.

                                              Candy in the egg cartons! Right ON!!!
                                                                   Lookin Cool
                                What?.... the Eater bunny visited the Brothers too:)!!!! Also they visited us daughter in laws too!!! I could swear I had a picture of Mikkel and I huh.. oh well.
                     Absolutely love this picture!!! The two girls with Gramps

Picnic spot at the Arch! Dane brought his nice stereo and had the picnic a rockin!
Rolling Eggs... cant have easter with out rolling eggs on the Glazier side:)

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