Sunday, July 17, 2011

4th of July weekend
We spent the fourth of july here in Kanab and it ended up being one of the greatest days alive. We had some great food, supplied by Granny and Gramps, we went and played at the park for hours and watched on fantastic fireworks show. Could not have asked for a better independence day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a water feature up at the city park here in Kanab. It has over fifteen places on it that just shoot up water at any given time. Kade first took Emmitt over to it. He was really weary of it at first, but all it took was taking a spray right in the face to get him going crazy. He was going nuts in here. This is a picture of him setting on one as it sprayed him in the butt.

As you can see here he is soaking wet and I am just wondering how in the world I was going to get him home with out everything getting wet.
Playing on the slides.

Emmitt would go down this slide and Gramps would pop his head up and Emmitt would let out his huge scream and start to laugh the rest of the way down.
Getting ready for the parade. The parade was awesome, it had everything from old fashioned cars to Elvis. Emmitt made a haul on candy. He filled one of Kades hats all the way full and half of one of my purses.

Here you go Daddy you want some?

Granny helping Emmitt get all the candy he could.
The Elvis people, no one knows who it was or what they were doing, but it was great.

When the parade was about to reach us, Kade told Emmitt to get ready and he got down into this form. It looks like he is about to take off on a 100 meter dash. I guess that is pretty much what it was for him.

The 4th at Panquitch Lake
Unlike some people we get to have two fourth of Julys, one in Kanab and one up to our cabin. I wish everyone could see the firework show up there. They shoot the fireworks over the lake and it is so beautiful.
Emmitt riding his bike up at the cabin. This is our front deck that over looks the lake.

Well the next morning Emmitt got up and decided it was time to water the trees and flowers, so he and Gramps headed out into the yard and watered they did.
One of Mitts favorite things to say is "whats this" and he says it about every ten seconds, pretty much all day. He came around the corner and held this out to Kade and said whats this, Kade of course says, "your future son." I guess this is one of Kades bucks he had killed a while back.

Getting ready for the fireworks.
Uncle Diz and Great Granny Jean enjoying the fireworks.

Home Brew at the Glaziers ... ROOT BEER ANYONE!!!
Every year the Glaziers have a tradition of making home made root beer. I guess they have been doing it forever. I can assure you it is like no root beer I have ever tasted, but I LOVED it.
So here are the bottles full of rootbeer getting ready to capped.
Kade left work to come home and help. He loves this stuff maybe even more than me.
About half of the bottles we filled.
Emmitt helping Granny cap the bottles.
Granny had Mitt help her stir the brew, and on about every third stir Emmitt would stop and get a drink. It is not to good until it has had some time to ferment. Mitt sure did not mind it though.
Mixing the secret ingredients.
And of course Emmitt had to help with everything. He always has to be involved.

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