Saturday, August 6, 2011

Westwood Family Reunion!
The reunion turned out to be so great! We headed to Marsha's house, Mary's sisters, which happens to be the perfect place to have a reunion! Seriously, I have never seen such a great fun backyard:) They had a tramp, a slide, a rope swing, and a sand volleyball court. Emmitt was in heaven I sware. Emmitt was literally the energize bunny when he entered this backyard, he had to check out everything which meant very little sitting and visiting for me:) no worries I didn't mind checking out everything with him. We had food, played in the water, sand in Emmitts shorts and much much more as you will see by the pictures. It felt great to be apart of such a wonderful family!

getting ready to go and eat inside.
Here is the rope swing! I know its nuts isn't it. I never was able to try it out but that will be a goal of mine next reunion!
Emmitt and Kade headed down the water slide. The water slide was the big hit of the day! You had to wait in line like you would at a water park. Everyone wanted to go down it!
Way to go Honey!!!
Here is the line. At some points there were kids on each step clear to the bottom waiting.
Granny and Emmitt enjoying the slide to!
At some point and time all the little girls just kept taking you down the slide with them. They would just ask me if they could! I didn't mind at all and neither did you:)
The start of Water Balloon War! They had six little kid pools filled with water balloons ready to be thrown! Kevin, Tason, and Kade took advantage of those pretty quickly as did the kids around them. All out war started:)

Tason getting ready to launch.
Emmitt was too cute instead of throwing them he would help out by picking them up and handing them off to someone who needed them.
After hard play He finally decided to settle down and take a dip in the pool! Thanks Aunt Marsha for having such a great reunion and a fun place for it to be held! Emmitt will be excited for the next one to come, as will I:)

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