Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bryce Canyon Trip
My family was headed to Cedar City to visit and then later to go camping on the mountain. We were planning on going to Bryce so we called them up and ask them if they wanted to meet us there then drive over to cedar:) It happened to all work out perfect! It has been so long since I have been to Bryce Canyon! I can't even remember. So I was very excited! My mom, dad, jessie, and joseph, Mary and Kevin, and Grandma Jean all went on the trip.

Dad and Emmitt chasing eachother. Emmitt was giggling so hard!
I love this picture, Mitt just taking in the beauty all around.
These two never would stop chasing eachother the whole time! You would think they would get tired.:)
Granny G. and Emmitt
Kade being gangster
lately Emmitt has found he likes Uncle jOe alot especially since he gives him fruit snacks!
Doing a rain dance! hopefully he will bring the dark clouds in the picture towards us
OUr Family
Bryce at it's best:)
Grandma Jean, Mary, and Kevin
The trip was so worth it, I came to find out that we will have to plan a weekend to go back and spend more time there. They had tonz of hikes I would love to do and much more to see. We only had time to check out the oversights! They were beautiful though!

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