Saturday, August 6, 2011

July 24Th and Toquerville Falls
So my pictures are all backwards....lets hope this makes some sense:) After our long 24th day this is what my car ended up looking like and my dads was a little worst of then mine. If you can't tell that is his muffler on top of his car. Oh yes it fell off:) We will just say it is a little rough drive up to the falls. We had way too much fun! we started the day by going to the parade in cedar which was the longest parade of my life but a very good one. It lasted almost 2 hrs. long. Emmitt can only handle 30 min maybe an hour so he wasn't so happy at the end as you will see. Then we headed to toquerville falls. It was my first time being there! They are beautiful and perfect to swim in. The water was perfect actually warm.
The muffler falling off at the very end when we were almost out of the little canyon.
Toquervile FallsThe were seriously beautiful
Uncle Joseph and jessie underneath one of the falls.
Cecil, Ethan, joseph, Emmitt and I, Jessie, Dad

Here I am coming up from under the fall

Emmitt and Mom
Catching Tadpoles.
At the park swinging after the parade. Uncle joe sure liked pushing you!
You tired of being at the parade an hour and half later:)
You liked the dragon though!
YOu ran out and got a frisbee from the parade.
YOu thought the firetrucks were the best of the whole thing!
you, ethan and aunt shannon waiting for candy!

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  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun! I have never even heard of toquerville falls, but I want to go after seeing your pics :-)