Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to School
Well I am sad to say that summer has now come to an end and I'm pretty devastated. However I am not going to be as devastated as this little guy in the picture below:( He has lived the dream this past summer at Granny G.'s house! Poor guy no more backyard, no more kitties, no more watering beautiful flowers, no more play set, no more big living room to run free, no more water fun with the splash ball, no more mowing the lawn with gramps, no more hugs from piper and granny, no more frozen yogurt trips to stage stop, no more staying up late at the park for mommy and daddy's softball game, no more visiting with his best friend grandma jean everyday, and no more night time prayers in granny and gramps bed after watching mickey mouse club house. What else can we say Granny and Gramps will sorely be missed and back to Cedar ( real life) here we come.
Last picture of Emmitt before we leave Granny and Gramps G. I think he knows he is not going to be happy by the look on his face.
last softball game with Emmitt playing at the park of Summer 2011. By the way our team took the Championship we are number 1 go Ramsay!!!

Good times:)

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