Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter started off real good in Kanab with coloring Easter eggs and decorating Easter cupcakes! Emmitt was super excited!

Emmitt enjoyed his decorating job! If we would have let him do them all by himself, this is how they would have turned out....

He waited patiently while Granny G. got the dye for the eggs ready.  She had bought twelve dozen for the kids to decorate.

Then Kade and mitt got started!

All I can say is this kid couldn't have enough! Notice the almost full carton of dyed eggs in front of me.... Yes he colored all of those eggs!  He then continued to do it till he had four cartons full.

Then along came Mikkel, Jerron, Traj, and Tav to join in on the fun!

Aspens first time helping me color my Eggs!

Tenley looks like a giant compared to Aspen, I seriously can't believe Aspen will be that big in only a few months! They grow to fast:(

Kanab had their Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Park! Emmitt is one really good Easter Egg finder. He kept spotting so many eggs he couldn't figure out which ones to grab next! Then we noticed he would only pick up the green ones first that he spotted:) His favorite color right now is green. He picks everything green!

Glazier Family Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny hid Eggs in the backyard for the kids to find

Emmitt couldn't carry his bucket so well with this many eggs! But that wasn't going to stop him from finding more.




Good Easter!

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