Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A New Life With Two

Emmitt in the last few weeks has been doing really well with having a new little sister in the family. It took him a little while before he really wanted to hold her, but now he is actually asking us if he can and always giving her kisses. Of course he is starting to try and get our attention as much as possible like any 2 1/2 year old would. His new way of doing this is grabbing anything and everything that he can possibly climb onto and start pulling crazy, funny faces at us and yelling," MOMMY!!!, DADDY!!!" All I can do is laugh!

Kade and Emmitt have become real good pals over the last few weeks with the new baby. They have an official outing everyday. Kade is so good about giving me a break and taking Emmitt out while I get in a nap or just relax with Aspen. I love you Honey, You seriously are the best!
Emmitt is such a great big brother, He already takes her diapers to the garbage and is so soft with her. He will even go up to her and hold her hand smiling and talking high pitched jibberish, which I'm sure he gets from watching Kade and I talk to her:)
so excited to hold baby Aspen!
Dad and Emmitt out Dinosaur Bone Hunting, They must have searched real good because they both came back looking like mud pies!
Baby Aspen has been such a wonderful blessing into our lives, She is beautiful and Healthy and we couldn't have asked for anything more! We have been through some rough patches with her high levels of Bilirubin but we can officially say she is doing great! She has already gained a whole pound and grown 1 inch. ( 8 lbs. 4oz). She is still small and dainty which I love!
We don’t know you yet But we love you…
You are
a New beginning of all things
New life

a Dream of possibilities:)

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