Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Official Haircut and Lagoon Trip

Emmitt had his first official Haircut at the Boulavard during Labor Day for FREE:) Yes it has taken me this long to really cut his baby curls and I am sad but looking to the future, because I can't keep him my little baby anymore:( He is going to start Preschool in October so by then he will probably need a new one:)
Granny and Gramps Glazier are AMAZING and got us all into Lagoon for Associated Foods trip.  They really treated us and we all stayed in the Little America together with all of our Cousins! Thank you Granny and Gramps the trip was very very much appreciated and so much fun!!!

 Tav and Mitt on the Boats
 Mitt and Granny on the Dragon Roller Coaster
 These two were seriously a crack up and were having the time of their lives!
 Nothing can get better then driving a sweet ride with your greatest Pal:)
MOM and Emmitt

City Creek Mall
is seriously amazing, The place is so nice and to even top it off they have a fire/water light show with the fountain...

 Salt Lake Temple
Sunday rolled around and we went to listen to the Spoken Word, Kade is thoughtful and let me go in to watch while he watched the kids outside. It was a great way to start off the day right.
 looks like Kade and the kids had the time of their life out and about too.

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