Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kade Glazier’s Big Day
by Laura Wilson
June 9, 2009
Concord, CA - Kade Glazier is moving up in the Concord office. Learning the ropes to this line of work with APX summer sales, Glazier is proving to be a natural. With older brother and office manager Jerron Glazier on his side, how could Kade lose? He’s learning from the best to be the best and that’s what really matters in the end. “Kade Glazier had 4 on Saturday out in concord. That’s his biggest day yet. He’s a great first year rep.” said Jeremy Marshall, co-manager for the Concord office. With Kade’s 22 protected families on season he is sure to keep the fire blazing and continue to improve. Monday, Concord had an excellent start to the week with 18 protected families. Scott Lee led the team with 3 families. Again Kade Glazier made an impact finding 2 families. Also with 2 families each were Jerron Glazier, Christopher Mcdonald and Josh Stevenson.The last three weeks, Concord has consistently pulled in over 100 families. What is the trick of the trade? Good reps and desire. Desire to be the best. Desire to win. Desire to make the summer count once fall arrives and life is back to normal. Normal, just with a lot more money in the bank.To recognize someone in Dave Allred’s region contact Laura at 336.692.6030 or laura.wilson@apxalarm.com.


  1. I am so excited that you are doing well. Congrats to Kade. Sounds like he is doing awesome. I really like the name you are thinking about (or picked out):)
    We miss you guys tons and can't wait to see you in a few months. Hope you are feeling ok. We are doing great, and are so excited that there will be lots more cute little boys running around soon! Love and miss you!