Thursday, June 4, 2009

We went to San Fransico and we had a blast. You can't really see behind in the distance oh well... It was really neat to see famous fishermans warf! This place is full of craziness. We traveled over the Bay Bridge to San Fran and this is the first time I have really seen city life. It was a whole new experience for me. We walked forever( well to me it seemed like but it doesn't help that I am prego) we could only find a parking spot 6 miles away. The baby defiantely got his excersise for the day he he. While walking though we took a bunch of pictures on the way to fishermans warf and saw the sea lions! Seeing the sea lions was what made my day. Kade took a random picture of a person fishing off the docks. There are tonz of people who do it. We didn't get a picture of the so called bush man. He would cover himself disguised as a bush and pop out and scare people walking up and down the street it was actually quite entertaining! ha ha He was a bum on the streets and would get money that way. we will have to get a picture of him next time we go.

This place had everything it is like a mini market. There are tonz of food places to eat and lots of places to shop!

Sea lions! they are such wierd animals and they are huge....

This is the the Bay Bridge we crossed over to get to San Fransico. It is pretty neat.

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