Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cedar Canyon 1/2 Marathon 2010.... It was such a gorgeous day to run 13 miles and I was so nervous I seriously couldn't sleep the night before! It was the first 1/2 marathon for me and the longest I had run was seriously 6 miles. AHHH! the race was at 7:00 in the morning! We meet at the city park about 5:45am because there were so many people racing they had to shuttle us all up the mountain which takes a while when you have 500 people! It was so much fun and I think I am going to keep it up hopefully! People who run are always happy healthy people! Who doesn't want to be around that to boost your self-esteem:)
Time: 2 hrs and 9 min.
Womens age 20-24: I took 25th
Overall place: 150th

Thank you hubby for supporting me through all the training and time of watching Emmitt! This sign once I saw it made me run even faster! I love you!!!
Shannon ( sister-in-law) Ran with me the whole way through the training and the marathon! I never could of done it without her! We did so good!
Running in from the final stretch to the finish line! Most exciting thing ever!
Emmitt with his daddy at the race.

Bunker Creek 2010 Glazier Reunion
The Glazier's have this great tradition every year. We go to their cabin at Panguitch Lake and then go fishing at bunker creek! After fishing we had a big Home run tourney with the wiffle ball and bat out side the cabin! Everyone did great and we had a blast!
Kade concentrating very hard for his next home run pitch!
Bunker Creek was great Kade and I caught the first two fishes! YaY! Grandma Jean , Emmitt and I
Heres Kade with his. It still amazes me every time we go here. This little creek doesn't seem like you could catch anything but yes there are fish hiding in there! And they do bite real quick if you find the right spots:)
Emmitt chowin down on licorice, Thank you granny!
I love this picture! Kade baiting the hook with worms and Emmitt is very excited to go fishing! Thanks Granny and Gramps G. We had a great time and never can get enough of the cabin! It was fun to get all the family together and just RELAX!!!

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  1. Good job on your race Ang! Wish I could do that! And yes, the cabin was tons of fun!