Sunday, March 18, 2012

Aspen Jean Glazier- March 11, 2012
7 lbs. 4 oz.
20 inches long

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!
We have had her under the lights since she has been born for high levels of Bilirubin ( juandice) today was the day they finally said we could take her off! She is doing well and finally keeping the levels down on her own.

Daddy and Aspen

First time showing us her beautiful eyes!!!
Getting cleaned up minutes after having her
Feels like a really good DREAM COME TRUE!!!!
We love her so much!!!


  1. AH!! Congratulations Ang! I am so happy for you guys! She is beautiful :)

  2. Congrats Angie, she is beautiful!! So glad everything went well and she is finally off the lights, I know that is the worst!! Hope you are getting some rest:)

  3. She is so precious! I can't believe she was a month early and still that size. It's a good thing you had her early! :) I love her name and I bet you are having so much fun dressing her and putting bows in her hair. Too cute! Congrats again!