Sunday, March 4, 2012

Valentine's Day was Great! Kade sent me on a wild goose chase around our apartment finding clues to the next clue, to the next, to beautiful flowers, chocolates, and one of his favorite board games. It was so much fun and really made my day! He is so wonderful! Kade has school at 8:30 in the morning so mine couldn't be to fun but he woke up to some Udaman Chocolate, Turtle pretzels, a pack of Pepsi Max, and a rented movie to watch together that night called Warriors. It was a good show too.
Emmitt of course was what Kade and I were looking forward to we got him a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse card that played music, a treat, and of course Dad suprised him with some more Dinosaurs to add to his collection. He was so suprised!
Him opening the card, just by looking at his face he was loving it!
His fake cheese smile ( He totally gets that from Kade:))
Opening up his treat

Emmitt is lucky to have such a great Granny and Gramps! A few days earlier this is what Emmitt got from them for Valentines! a Dinosaur cake, lollipops, and more treats
Loving the cake Granny G.
"That is a pretty cool cake mom check it out"

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