Sunday, March 4, 2012

Go Jazz Go! We celebrated Granny G.'s birthday by going to the Jazz game with the family! It was amazing, we played the Heat and were on the 11th row:) I have never been so close to the floor watching the Jazz play it was a really neat experience and you couldn't have asked for a better game to watch! Jazz won the Heat by 1 point! Unreal game. Earlier before the game we went to Cheese Cake Factory and it was Delicious! Then we dropped Emmitt off to my brother Clint and his Wife Coralie, It was awesome of them to watch him for us while we went! The trip was one that Kade and I will never forget. Thanks to Mary and Kevin for such a great trip! We love you guys.
Kade and I ready to cheer on the Jazz! ( I'm due pretty soon but thats not going to stop us from watching a once in a lifetime game)
Jazz warming up!

Games about to start!
Lebron James was pretty amazing to watch, It was really neat to see the Jazz play and beat the Heat!

The crowd was going crazy! It was a complete full house at the Energy Solutions Arena! Jazz Win Baby!!!!

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